25 years…
January 28, 1986 ~
January 28, 2011

Dedicated to the seven brave men and women of Challenger STS-51L, along with all heroic pioneers who have lost their lives and “given all, just to lead the way”…

…and to all courageous explorers who continue to “risk their lives upon the challenge of the gods” in order to “bring that knowledge home and teach it to the child.”

They will not be forgotten.

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♦ About

This website was created to provide additional information about a new tribute song & video created for the 25th anniversary of the Challenger disaster (January 28, 2011). The video features an original song written 25 years ago, two days after the disaster, and never published or released (see The Story of the Song) - recently re-recorded in honor of this occasion.

Please leave all comments in the YouTube video; this site is not set up to accept comments.

There is no commercial aspect to this website. If this song, story and remembrance of the event has touched you in any way, please consider a donation to the Challenger Center for Space Science Exploration www.challenger.org - founded by the Challenger astronauts’ families - they carry on the mission of bringing the challenge and rewards of exploring space and science to children everywhere.

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You can download the audio (mp3) of the song below, in three different sizes/quality:

TheChallenger-hi.mp3 - 13.1 mb (48k, 320 kbs)

TheChallenger-md.mp3 - 7.9 mb  (44.1k, 196 kbs)

TheChallenger-lo.mp3 - 5.3 mb  (44.1k, 128 kbs)

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